What we cherished about these two untrained wonders, was the amount they adore different pooches. That is unquestionably a topic for us at Thrive-we attempt our best to discover hounds who like pooches as much as we do. We realized it would be some time before they were prepared for selection, so we sent them to Dusty Tails Lodge to get them adjusted to life among human generosity, and now, a while later, they are coming near. Here's Marlie's write about the young ladies.

"These young ladies came to us when they were around 12-14 weeks old. They were past alarmed and needed nothing to do with individuals. They were impeccably upbeat being in their boxes and being disregarded. We gave them some an opportunity to adjust to their new condition and after that had them alternate every day being in a container amidst the house, so they could become accustomed to every one of the sounds, and sights that accompany being in a family unit with individuals and different puppies. We began to see they wanted to be around alternate pooches, it was the people they were exceptionally scared of. In the event that out in the yard with alternate pooches,
they would run and play yet when they understood we were around they would disperse and keep running for their containers. I alternated joining them to my midriff and having them tail me everywhere throughout the house and I would give them treats throughout the day. This truly helped shape closer and all the more confiding in bond with the young ladies."