Reptiles and turtles Reptiles, for example, Blue-tongue reptiles and Eastern Water mythical beasts can be frequently found in rural regions, regularly around pools and lakes, or luxuriating in patches of daylight on rocks or solid ways, as the glow encourages them to process their nourishment. They are normally very shy and they are not unsafe or venomous, sharp plant specialists consider them companions as they eat snails and other nuisance creepy crawlies. Turtles might be found on streets or in other dangerous spots, especially after drawn out or substantial precipitation. They may require getting off the street and verifying whether their shell is harmed. On the off chance that you locate a harmed reptile or turtle, it would be ideal if you call WIRES Rescue Line 1300 094 737 or fill in the Rescue Form for help. In the event that you have discovered a debilitated or harmed reptile or turtle, it should see a vet before coming into consideration. In the event that you can securely contain it, you can keep it in a calm, dull place e.g. enclosed by a towel in a ventilated box or transporter with a top while you transport it to the closest vet. On the off chance that you let WIRES know which vet you have taken the creature to, we will catch up straightforwardly with the vet to bring the reptile or turtle into consideration when it has been vet surveyed and got any vital treatment.