Possums Brushtail-Possum©Nick-EdardsBrushtail and Ringtail possums are the most widely recognized possums you will see. Similarly, as with every single local creature, possums have secured animal categories. Possums are nighttime and are not regularly observed amid the day. In the event that you see a wiped out, harmed or stranded possum or a possum out amid the day please call WIRES Rescue Line on 1300 094 737 or fill in the Rescue Form. Ringtail possums are littler than Brushtail possums and they have a white tip toward the finish of their tails. On the off chance that you locate a stranded child ringtail if it's not too much trouble look precisely to see whether you can perceive any others requiring salvage too, as ringtail possums ordinarily deliver twins and incidentally triplets. On the off chance that you have discovered a debilitated or harmed possum, it should see a vet before coming into consideration. On the off chance that you can securely contain the possum, you can keep it in a tranquil, dim, warm place e.g. enveloped by a towel in a ventilated box or bearer with a cover while you transport it to the closest vet. In the event that you let WIRES know where you've taken the possum, we will catch up specifically with the vet to bring it into consideration after it's been vet evaluated and got any vital treatment. Because of natural surroundings misfortune possums some of the time fall back on living in fireplaces and the rooftop holes of sheds and houses. WIRES volunteers can't help with rooftop repairs and migration, however, we can give you data to help you in following National Parks and Wildlife controls.