Give nature a chance to nourish itself Animal Unnatural Foods Feeding untamed life unnatural nourishments can do gigantic harm Natural Foods Enjoy natural life without bolstering Kookaburras Jaybirds Currawongs Meat Mince Bread These sustenances can create lopsided characteristics in their nourishing prerequisites causing serious insufficiencies You may support overpopulation of these species which is an issue as they are savage Can lose the capacity to source sustenance themselves Bugs Spineless creatures Little reptiles Little warm-blooded creatures for example, rodents Leave leaf litter in your garden as it will draw in creepy crawlies, vertebrates, and reptiles Leave safe dead trees and emptied appendages of live trees Plant local trees Call WIRES in the event that you discover wiped out or harmed creatures Rosella Cockatoos Galah's Bread Organic product Sustenance scraps Seed blends Bread has poor wholesome equalization A presented organic product isn't a regular piece of their eating routine Seed blends are once in a while healthfully adjusted and many are hard to eat Energizes a populace that would ordinarily be migrant to wind up stationary, in this manner not adjusting their eating routine Local grasses and seeds The expansive assortment of bugs and their lave Solidified organic products like gum nuts Leave safe dead trees and emptied appendages of live trees – the hollows give settling locales Give an equalization of vegetation in your garden by staying away from half breed local plants Furnish water in fluctuating profundities with assurance from neighbourhood felines Lorikeets Honeyeaters Sugar and water Nectar and water bread Non-local natural products seed blends The stomach related arrangement of these winged animals is intended for a predominately fluid admission. Bread seed blends and organic product rapidly fill the feathered creature and moderate the absorption procedure prompting nutrient and mineral lacks inclining the fowls to ailment through bacterial and yeast diseases Maladies, for example, nose and quill infections are effortlessly spread through a mutual encouraging plate With a customary nourishment supply, itinerant winged creatures will breed out of season in this way getting to be inactive, making confined over populace prompting further malady Causes rivalry for creepy crawlies and settling destinations hurts littler species Nectar and dust from eucalypt and other local blossoms Local berries and blooms bugs and their hatchlings Give a parity of vegetation in your garden by maintaining a strategic distance from crossbreed local plants Furnish water in shifting profundities with insurance from neighbours felines by the planting of changing statures around the water source Leave 'safe' dead trees and emptied appendages of live trees – the hollows giving settling locales Ducks Bread Chips Vegetables Scraps Scraps These sustenances don't give the right nourishing equalization making inadequacies and inclining them ailment Bread can age in the gut causing bacterial contaminations Nourishment settles on the base of lakes and decays making levels of microscopic organisms rise and can cause things, for example, botulism which can murder ducks Plants developing along the water's edge and in addition in the water shrimps and mussels little amphibian creatures and creepy crawlies Contact your condition focus or gathering to tidy up and recover the neighborhood lake, lake or tidal pond Record your perceptions on the states of your neighborhood ducks, their condition and any progressions this might be valuable to your condition focus. Call WIRES in the event that you locate a debilitated or harmed duck Kangaroos Bread Left overs Drain Kangaroos are intended to eat a lot of low protein roughage, for example, local grasses and peruse. Human nourishment is a poor substitute with minimal dietary benefit and will disturb their characteristic admission. Whenever nourished drain, the gut winds up bothered causing looseness of the bowels and lack of hydration which can result in death Bread is a delicate sustenance and whenever eaten frequently it can result in gum issues. When this happens, it just takes a solidified grain or twig to cut the gum permitting the malady 'knotty jaw' to contaminate the gum zone. Grasses Littler macropods, for example, wallabies likewise eat growth and creepy crawlies Call WIRES on the off chance that you locate a wiped out harmed or stranded creature Possums Bread Organic product Sustenance scraps Drain ( soy, dairy animals, goat) Organic products are not processed effectively by ringtail possums, it matures in the gut and creates huge amounts of gas – demise is generally the final product. Whenever nourished drain, it exasperates their stomach related framework causing looseness of the bowels and drying out which can result in death. Presenting another nourishment source eventually diminishes the possum's regions making over populace of zones, inclining them to malady. Bark, grass and leaves, eucalypt trees being the most loved for both the leaves and blossoms Local products of the soil creepy crawlies Give a parity of vegetation in your garden, dodge cross breed local plants On the off chance that conceivable keep your manure store encased to keep possums from rummaging and utilizing this as their solitary wellspring of sustenance. It likewise demoralizes rodents.