Echidna EchidnaDuring Spring echidnas are significantly more obvious than regular and frequently experienced in abnormal areas. Echidnas travel long separations searching for sustenance, and may go through your property or yard. Numerous calls gotten by WIRES are in regards to echidnas that have 'borrowed' themselves in and don't appear to need to proceed onward. On the off chance that you approach an echidna, it guards itself the main way it can, by delving into the ground and this happens at whatever point it feels shaky or in peril. It might likewise move into a ball or stick on to any surface it can. What you ought to do on the off chance that you see an echidna On the off chance that you see an echidna and it isn't harmed please disregard it and DO NOT approach it and don't endeavour to contain it. By and large, you don't have to call WIRES. We endeavour to never move any solid echidna as it dangers them losing their fragrance trail or leaving youthful unattended in the tunnel. Echidnas have a kind of inbuilt GPS which we would prefer not to intrude. The best activity in this circumstance is for everybody just to leave the territory for a timeframe, enabling the echidna to make its own specific manner. On the off chance that you have a pet please keep it contained well far from the creature, and you will find that the echidna will move away when it is certain it is out of peril and feels secure. Male echidna is regularly around amid spring following aroma trails of females and they should be disregarded wherever conceivable as this is typical conduct. On the off chance that you do see an echidna crossing a street or in a bustling region the best strategy isn't to approach it - on the off chance that you do they will twist up and tunnel in or stick on and afterwards they may not move for quite a while (setting it in considerably more risk). You CAN HELP in the event that it is safe to do as such by halting the activity and enabling the echidna to make its own particular manner off the street. Never attempt to move any echidna Female echidnas can have youthful in tunnels that they take off alone while they go out to rummage for sustenance and it is important that they can return. In the event that they are 'safeguarded' or contained by good-natured individuals while they are far from their young, it can leave a youthful puggle to starve to death in the tunnel. If you don't mind NEVER EVER utilize a scoop to attempt and lift any echidna as it regularly results in broken toes and spines. What to do if your vehicle slams into an echidna Any echidna harmed via autos MUST be taken to a veterinary centre and X-rayed. It is difficult to inspect these creatures legitimately without X-beam as you can't feel broken bones as in different creatures. It would be ideal if you call WIRES quickly 1300 094 737 for further guidance and help and please observe the correct area of the impact. Echidnas can't endure temperatures over 30 degrees. If you don't mind endeavour to guarantee if transporting an echidna that the temperature is underneath 30 degrees. If it's not too much trouble additionally check the encompassing territory for youthful as extremely youthful echidnas can without much of a stretch be unstuck from the fold like a pocket of the mother on contact with a vehicle. On the off chance that you locate an extremely youthful puggle alone and unattended by a grown-up echidna On the off chance that you should locate a youthful echidna without any spines or not very many, it would be ideal if you call WIRES instantly 1300 094 737 and guarantee it is kept cool until the point that assistance has arrived, an ice block in sweltering climate ought to be set near to the puggle with the end goal to keep it cool. You can put the puggle in a jumper and an ice block close by, DO NOT put the puggle straightforwardly on the ice block. Temperatures over 30 degrees are deadly for this species.